3/4 Raincoat


*Disponible en long ( 450.00$ ), voir mesures plus bas.

Reversible raincoat/windbreaker with detachable hood.


*Available in long lengths, see measurements below.

Reversible raincoat/windbreaker with detachable hood. One side has patch pockets, the other has pockets with colored clasps. The colored side is lined with colored piping, while the black side is plain with colored piping in the center. The raincoat closes with a cross-button fastening. It folds easily into a bag matching the coat that comes with the purchase.



Manches : TP : 87 cm  P 90 cm  M : 90 cm  G : 90 cm  TG : 93 cm

Dos : TP : 102 cm  P : 103 cm  M : 104 cm  G : 104 cm  TG : 107 cm


Manches : TP : 87 cm   P : 90 cm  M : 90 cm  G : 90 cm  TG : 93 cm

Dos : TP : 118 cm   P : 120 cm  M : 121 cm  G : 121 cm  TG : 122 cm


You can also use Nikwax waterproofing, a product tested and approved by Carmen G., provided it is used in accordance with the Nikwax standards indicated on every product.

Carmen G. suggests applying Nikwax TX.Direct WASH-IN ;

Nikwax TX.Direct® Wash-In is the market leader. It's quick and easy to machine-apply, and its Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment develops with air-drying. Machine application ensures that the treatment penetrates the garment, treating seams, taped seams and cords, as well as the fabric. Also, as there's no need to tumble dry, you save energy and protect more vulnerable, older garments from heat. Nikwax TX.Direct® Wash-In has been specially formulated for waterproof-breathable garments; it leaves a flexible water-repellent treatment on each fiber, allowing water vapor to pass through while maintaining breathability.

For best results, remove all non-washable parts and always pre-wash items with Nikwax Tech Wash® detergent in a separate wash cycle. It is not necessary to dry garments before waterproofing.

Remove all traces of detergent from the detergent compartment.

  • Place clean garment(s) in the washing machine (2 garments maximum).
  • Use 100 ml per item of clothing.
  • Choose a 30° synthetic cycle with a slow spin.



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Kaki / Khaki, Mauve / Purple, Noir / Black, Rouge / Red, Sarcelle / Teal


XS, S, M, L, XL

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